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Understanding the Epic Story of Life.

Everyone creates a story in their mind. Much of it pure fiction in some minds. Learn the true story behind the world's fictions for all is not what it appears to be.

This is the greatest story of all time. The inside scoop on the reality behind the illusion not stories of fiction but truth.

This site contains leads to the 13  greatest reality based stories that will garner the attention of the whole planet.

Storyline may refer to:

(1) The plot or subplot of a story;
(2) The narrative of a work, whether of fictional or nonfictional basis;
(3) The narrative threads experienced by different but specific characters or sets of characters that together form a plot element or subplot in the work of fiction. In this sense, each narrative thread is the narrative portion of a work that pertains to the world view of the participating characters cognizant of their piece of the whole, and they may be the villains, the protagonists, a supporting character, or a relatively disinterested official utilized by the author, each thread of which is woven together by the writer to create a work.
(4) The Storyline method of teaching.



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