ET Extraterrestrial Divine Intervention Code Name: Infinite Play
Based on a true story

It was decided then about the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis that a human would be assigned to train an extraterrestrial that would bear the gifts. One was chosen an Airman First Class. The extraterrestrial would be born as his Son the perfect cover for intensive training, normal in every way except for the enhanced DNA and a single memory, coming here. And there was a female as well born separately to another and they would be brought together by the Mysterious Force. These Advanced Beings come to restore balance, collapse the Ego Empire and bestow the gifts upon humanity, technology and insight into the reality of the universe behind the appearances. They would lead many in the world to discovery and build the Metatron in the Motor City and there bring together the Cosmic Crew, the special talents, from there they would return to the Garden of Eden a city known as Sin Sin Not I for no matter what happened this would be preserved by the Lords above and spared the plight endured by the rest of the world. For it was the sum of individual decisions that would determine what would become the past. They would have access to extraterrestrial intelligence and Air Support and a special high level contact known as Mr. Urgo Diamu. Project Code Name: Infinite Play

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